Jacy'z Hotel & Resort

Jacy'z Hotel & Resort

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In the 100-metre high skyscraper, which is already seen as a new landmark for Gothenburg, the focus is on experiences and the range of restaurants, bars and activities is spectacular. This is not just a hotel, it's a destination!

Råformat Jacyz fönster vy hotellrum 3d visualisering

For a couple of years, Råformat has been working on visualizing both early sketches and the final sales material for Jacy'z. A large part of the assignment has involved testing one's way with the sketches and finding creative design solutions for all levels of the building, even up to the top floor. We have worked with 360 views to be able to carefully go through all surfaces and not forget any detail. No surface has been left to chance! In close dialogue with EssGroup and Spik Studios, the visualizations have been a support throughout the project.

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Råformat Jacyz poolclub eldstad 3d visualisering
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  • Råformat Jacyz gogogaga bar 3d visualisering

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